Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Marianne as a Missionary in the Italy Milan Mission

Marianne left on her mission on February 6, 2013. She arrived in Rimini six weeks later and then started training in her second transfer. She has now been transferred to Verona where she is training another new sister missionary. She finally sent pictures, so I needed to post them somewhere. And because I started this blog when we started our mission, I decided here would be a good place!

I think these were taken before she was transferred as she was saying goodbye to the sweet people of Rimini.  The final picture is of her with Sorella Strong, her new companion from Arizona.

Preparation day field trip to the city-state of San Marino

A unique view of San Marino

Saying goodbye . . . 

My last Preparation day in Rimini, we went to the Canuti family's
piada factory and made ravioli from scratch.  
It was a beautiful last day.

The man on the vespa is our ward missionary leader.
His name is Emilio (Rimini). 
He was like my dad there in Rimini.

Not sure when I'll see Francesca again!

My new companion's name is Sorella Emma Strong.  She is from Arizona.  She studied Italian at BYU for a year, so she can pretty much speak.  She will probably help me out with my grammar.  I will just help her out with the confidence and accent.  This is awesome!  I am so excited for this transfer.

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